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Biga Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a professional institution that has a legal entity was established in 1973 in accordance with the provisions of chambers and commodity exchanges law numbered 5590. The aims of our chamber are to meet the members needs, facilitate their commercial activities, provide the development of the profession in accordance with the general interests, make dominant the honesty and confidence between the members and in their relations with the public, protect the professional discipline.


We do not have any documents but the fact that our district, in 1930s, had a chamber of commerce and industry is known from the documents and receipts.


The founder of our chamber was Hüseyin R. Uysal, the first chairman of council was Tayyip Demirtaş and the first chairman of board of directors was Tevfik Emin Başarır.


The activities of our chamber first took place in rented buildings in Bayram Street and Çan Avenue.


The construction of three-storey commerce building was started in 1985 and finished in 1989. Since 1986, it carries out its activities there. Its ground floor has been turned into a local for our members.


Biga Chamber of Commerce and Industry is still managed by the board of directors containing 7 members and assembly of chamber containing 22 members.


Our chamber has over 1625 registered members from 9 profession groups.


Biga Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a long-established institution of South Marmara, which has a great agriculturel and industrial development. Biga, the historical-economical center of Çanakkale, is the center of regional development. There are 40 thousand people in the town center and its total population is 85 thousand with the villages and towns.


Turkey’s economic centers Istanbul and Northwest Marmara is no longer come to the point of obstruction and Biga has drawn the attention of national and international financiers. This rapid change, particularly in regional strategic plans, urgently needs a planned development without bringing agriculturel and environmental problems.


In this sense, Biga, whose 47 percent area is forest, is Turkey’s important milk, meat, rice, vegetable and fruit center with 107 villages and 5 towns. This situation has lead to its known as Holland of Turkey.


Since 1973, Biga leads regional economy. It has 9 profession groups and totally 1625 registered members. In the last 5 years, the increase in the number of members about 20 percent and in the number of institutional membership 30 percent are a clear indication of regional development.


In recent years, İÇDAŞ which is in the Turkey’s top ten ranking, with the investments as well as energy, iron, steel, shipbuilding, port and cement and DOĞTAŞ, with its rapidly rising, takes place in the first 500 largest companies of Turkey. It preferred Biga for moduler forniture and bedding factory investments. Currently, Biga Industrial Zone that has 19 local and foreign industrial plants with the total specified production, is the sign of development stage.


Two big ports and Karabiga Port, which are belong to private sector, meet today’s needs in marine transportation.


As Biga Chamber of Commerce and Industry, South Marmara’s for both economic and social-culturel promotion, “Biga Chamber of Commerce and Industry Festival” plays a larger role with each passing year. It is carried out in an area of 20 thousand square meters of indoor. Local and national entrepreneurs promote their corporate identities, products and services in the closed fair area that belongs to Biga Municipality. Participants may establish 1000 fair platforms and every substructure facilities are possible.


As Biga Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we are the founding partner/shareholder of these following organizations.


·                     Biga Organized Industrial Zone,

·                     Biga Private Education and Health Services Tourism Food Industry Trade Inc. (Kırkgeçit Thermal Facility),

·                     South Marmara Chamber and Exchanges Power Association Inc. (GÜMOB Inc.),

·                     Customs and Tourism Enterprises Trade Inc. (GTI),

·                     Biga Chamber of Commerce and Industry also, member of TR22 South Marmara Development Agency (GMKA).

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