Mission and Vision



Biga Chamber of Commerce and Industry uses its duty and authority, in accordance with the law numbered 5174, in order to serve its members and Biga. It has the aim to inform its members, protect their rights and interests, quarantee the future of members. For this cause, it sticks to exactness, timeliness, objectivity and reliability principles. In this way, it makes membership attractive and enables Chamber’s integration with other organizations. It ensures preserving the continuity of Biga’s economic, social and cultural values by keeping them alive.





Our Chamber managed to be institutional and serving to its members professionally; aims using its accumulation of knowledge and resources for the benefit of members and Biga, thus becomes the center of synergy. Leading in every project and activity, adding value to economic and social life; it became the strongest, the most reliable and consulted Chamber in its region.



Working for raising awareness in all areas to enhance our region’s prosperity,continuous development in the fields of economy, commerce, industry and culture;

Taking a leading role as a business world and the voice of community;

Meeting the demands of members as soon as possible and the best way by participation of our personnel within the legal records and legislation;     Continuous development;

Providing better service with continuous improvement and maximize the level of member satisfaction.

Together, we will lead the Biga region to become the most desirable place to live, work and do business.


·                To fulfill our duties given by the legislation.

·                To provide quality services fort he development of our members.

·                To work fort he development of Biga.




·                To be an institution that prioritizes education and employment in the corporate, professional and social development of its members and Biga.

·                To be a leader institution that creates value, in the position of directing and coordinator on the basis of reliability in relations with its stakeholders.

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