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The message of the President


We leave behind us a summer which is full of hot and uncertainties. We are all focused on finding the answers of the questions about what we will experience in the last four months of 2022 and what we will encounter in 2023.

In all aspects, Biga is less affected by the negative situ­ations as a region. We are together with good people who have a culture of living together in this beautiful geography.

Biga, of course, is not an island that would be considered as an independent from Turkey and the World. Biga is affected by the negativities that have been experienced in our region and country, too.

We are increasing the productivity of agricultural and livestock products but we can not provide the growth that we expect as an added value. Every year we produce more consciously than the previous year but we can not be in a position of controlling our costs.

While this prosess is reducing our financial strength, we are looking cautious to the investments of the Biga’s agricultural industry that increase added value of agricul­tural and livestock products. We are slow to evaluate our own brand and know-how. Due to the extrapersonal uncertainties, we hesitate seeking the foreign financing for investments.

Peace comes first! being peaceful in Biga is not enough. We are worried about the events in our country and region. Maybe we will be affected in a bad way from our neighbor’s bad fortune but we know that our neighbor’s fire burn us too. The desired steadiness atmosphere can be provided by social peace.

Biga Organized Industrial Zone has become an important center of industry despite all negativities. The number of active firms has inreased and thanks to ongoing invest­ments there are no plot left. The pressure of enlarge­ment has started for the industry plots. The need of establishing a new expertise organized industrial zone is on our agenda now.

The energy investments increase not only as a nation­al but also regional by the companies which are in the investment stage and the ones which have started on investments or continue their investments.

The qualified personnel shortage is unable to meet the demands in the agricultural and industrial sectors. Espe­cially shortage of qualified technical personnel is a serious problem. We have been successful about directing our youth for being offical employee but we have to accept that we made mistakes while directing them for being production workers.

Biga Fair has become one of the important regional fairs in Turkey within a short span of ten years. This fair gives us hope and pride as a showcase of Biga. The people who are aware of Biga’s potential are constantly and rapidly increasing.

We are aware of our economical, social and cultural responsibilities about Biga. We work with this sense of responsibility. Our number of members has increased. Members are being institutionalized and the number of corporate members is increasing.

I briefly summarized the current state. We must calm down, intensify relations and communication. We must increase the power of association with constructive dis­cussions that will generate new ideas. The brand of Biga is very important and valuable for us.

Best regards…



Biga Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Chairman of the Board

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