Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits   /   the Chamber’s value to your business


Biga Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers many benefits to members as well as opportunities to serve our local community. So, why should you join? There is so much we can do for you and your business; in fact, our business is business! We work to bring you more business, create better connections, make you more visible and help you work smarter. What are the benefits? Take a look…

We work with local government to protect your interests.

We investigate the expectation and problems of members’ business life by taking initiatives and follow the results.

Providing vocational, technical information and consultancy services.

Our members are informed about the legislative amendments and the issues that concern trade life.

Domestic and foreign fair visits.

Foreign business and cultural trips.

Awarding successful companies.

Free law consultancy.

Members can take part in several free education programs and seminars that allow them to grow and develop new skills.

Giving the necessary documents for various commercial transactions.

Annual members trekking activity.

Online services.

Conference room rental.

Chamber’s social media channels.

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