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Call for Cooperation

As it is known, many enterprises are moving their facilities in Europe to countries where they can carry out their manufacturing activities at more competitive costs or they directly make their investments into such countries due to high manufacturing factor costs. This trend in European economy has created many possibilities of cooperation between our chamber and your chamber. Our chamber was founded in 1973 and is among the most outstanding chambers of Turkey.


An information file introducing BİGA and offering information on investors can be found in the attachment of this correspondence.


Within the framework of our mutual benefits, we would like to cooperate with your chamber in many fields like firm matching and commercial collaboration between the members of our chamber and your chamber as well as transfer of new investments and facilities to our province.


We would like to inform you on this subject along with the hope that this request of ours will be replied to as soon as possible and wish you further success in your activities.


Yours respectfully,


Biga Chamber of Commerce and Industry


+90 286 316 48 88 – 333 00 50

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